William T Gholson

A Rebuilt Roadster

William T Gholson: Fifteen Years in Auto Parts

William T Gholson has worked the past fifteen years as an auto parts distributor. He says he has loved cars since he was a teenager. He thinks the new car smell is overrated. “I like it,” he says, “but I like the new car parts, too.” Old cars smell good in his mind as well. When he was a junior at Burbank High School in San Antonio, he bought an old 1965 Ford Falcon from his neighbors worked late nights for six months fixing it up. He drove the car for twelve years and even proposed to his wife, Jean, in the front seat.

He says he is still learning about cars and the auto parts business even after fifteen years, however. One thing he learned is that any new car is built to last for “about five minutes longer than the warranty is valid for.” Even though new cars wearing out long before they are supposed to keeps him in business, he strives to make his customers happy. Gholson specializes in vehicle drivetrains, the matrix of parts and mechanisms that acts as a conduit transferring the power generated in the engine to the wheels, making them spin.

    William T Gholson gives free advice when he thinks it’s warranted. He wants to make sure that his customers know that the terms “drivetrain” and “powertrain” are not interchangeable in warranty texts. He warns his customers to be careful when selecting a warranty package. He doesn’t want to see the same in his shop every day unless they’re restoring old cars.

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