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William T. Gholson - Guide To Watching Motorsports

Many people don’t think that motor racing is a sport, but William T. Gholson does not share these views. Growing up with an appreciation for cars, he quickly learned to love motorsports, and now they are one of his favorite pastimes. He frequents many races, and he often watches them on the television: Formula 1, NASCAR, and anything else that’s broadcasted in the United States.

Formula 1

As the most watched motorsport in the world, Formula 1 has a huge following. It’s not the most popular motorsport in America (NASCAR reigns there), but it has the most fans worldwide, and for good reasons. Anybody who takes a look at those cars can figure out that they were built for speed. They don’t resemble any other automobiles, and that is one of the many reasons why the sport is so popular.

Moto GP

Quite possibly the most dangerous motorsport, Moto GP features the 500cc motorcycle racing class, the fastest and most powerful of all. Since 2012, all motorcycles need to be equipped with four-cylinder 1000cc units. The horsepower is around 240, which allows the riders to reach speeds over 200 mph (321 Km/h).

World Endurance Championship

Though this particular championship only exists since 2012, endurance-type competitions have been around since the early 1900’s. The goal in these races is not to be the fastest, but go the furthest within the allotted time. Multiple classes of cars take part in this competition, including sports prototypes and grand tourers.

World Rally Championship

Many fans agree that rally competitions are the most fun to watch. The only problem is that they are mostly urban races where fans cannot really see too much of the action. Because of this, this motorsport is best to watch on TV. In the World Rally Championship, the cars start the race at different times, which means they are not competing side by side. Everybody completes the same stages, but within different intervals. The cars are timed, and the driver with the lowest cumulative total wins the competition.


NASCAR is not really a competition as much as it is a brand. People call three different competitions by this name, the Sprint Cup Series, the Xfinity Series and the Camping World Truck Series. The most popular competition is the Sprint Cup Series, the top racing series of NASCAR. These competitions bring in the most fans, and Sprint Cup racers take home the biggest prizes, too. As a result, many people think that this series is the epitome of what NASCAR is about, producing the highest quality motor sport competitions in North America.

As a huge car enthusiast and gearhead who also loves to drive, William T. Gholson regularly watches motorsport races, both live and on television.


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