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William T. Gholson - Mistakes In Car Dealerships

As someone who spent the vast majority of the last three decades working in the automobile industry, William T. Gholson understands the car sale process very well. There are common mistakes being made by potential customers every day, mistakes that could be avoided.

Arriving Without a Plan

Many people arrive to the car dealership without having any kind of plan as to what kind of car they should buy. This makes the process harder, and also increases one’s chances of being fooled by the salesperson. It is much easier to convince somebody when that somebody does not have a plan.

Not Taking a Test Drive

That is another common mistake, not taking the test drive when it if offered. Simply sitting in a vehicle will not reveal its performance or how easy it is to handle those can only be experienced through driving.

Don’t Talk About Your Trade-In Too Early

Many people make the mistake of leading with their trade-in. In reality, in the vast majority of the cases, the customer can sell their old car for more than what the dealership would offer for it. Yes, it is convenient to drive to the dealership in your old car and leave with a new one, but if you really try to get the best value possible for your old car, you should try to sell your trade-in car separately.

William T. Gholson is an expert mechanic who spent the last three decades working in the automobile industry, mastering various roles, and becoming an expert salesman.


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