William T Gholson

A Rebuilt Roadster

William T Gholson - NASCAR Fan

William T Gholson has lived and worked in San Antonio, Texas his entire life. When he was a teenager, he fixed up a 1965 Ford Falcon and later proposed to his high school sweetheart Jean, sitting in the front seat during an endless Texas night. He is at work currently on a vintage 1966 MGB roadster, which he says wants to take his wife around the country in.

    Gholson is also a passionate NASCAR fan. He has been to four Indy 500 races, with plans to attend his fifth in May of this year. He possesses encyclopedic knowledge of his favorite sporting event, including how the Indy 500 came to be. “The first organizers wanted a race that would last for a big chunk of one day,” he says. The organizers thought that seven hours was a good chunk of time, according to William T Gholson, so they calculated that it would take most drivers around seven hours to drive 500 miles. He says the first driver to win the Indy 500 was Ray Harroun, who completed the race in six hours, forty-two minutes, and eight seconds.

    William T Gholson’s passion for NASCAR translates well into his love for cars. He has spent the last fifteen years as an auto parts salesman and overall expert. He loves to serve his lifelong community of San Antonio, Texas with his expert knowledge of engines and what makes them run well. He graduated from Burbank High School in San Antonio, Texas and is currently raising two children in the area.

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