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William T. Gholson on How to Keep Your Car in Good Condition

As a car enthusiast who sells auto parts to his customers, William T. Gholson has a genuine appreciation for cars. He loves to drive them, and he certainly loves to fix them. He keeps his own car in a very good condition. There are certain tricks that can significantly increase the longevity of an automobile.

Check the Oil and Change the Filter Often

Checking the oil often is one of the easiest ways to take good care of your car. If the oil levels are depleting, your engine will suffer for it. Make sure that you also change the filter, whenever it is necessary.

Flushing the Cooling System

Flushing the cooling system means changing the coolant in it. This should be done at least once a year, but if you are driving your car a lot, it won’t hurt to do it even more frequently.

Changing the Transmission and Differential Oils

It’s true, this is not something you have to lose sleep over, but changing the transmission oil before service visits is still an excellent idea. If you do, always use the recommended brand with the right viscosity.

Just Keep it Clean

Keeping your car clean is not just about aesthetics. When a vehicle is clean, the corrosive processes will come to a halt. A car that’s cleaned frequently enjoys a better longevity.

As a car enthusiast who grew up fixing vehicles, William T. Gholson takes the condition of his automobiles very seriously.



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