William T Gholson

A Rebuilt Roadster

William T Gholson - Proud Alamo Tour Guide

From the time he was a junior in high school and up through his college years at the University of Texas at Austin, William T Gholson has worked as a tour guide for the shrine of Texas liberty, the Alamo. The Alamo attracts hordes of tourists every year visiting the old, historic town of San Antonio, where Gholson was born and raised, and where, for the past fifteen years, he has assisted his community in caring for their cars.

The Alamo is a sacred, even solemn place. Visitors are required to remove their hats, speak softly, and avoid taking photos. As a former tour guide, Gholson is a fountain of facts about the famous shrine. The Alamo was built over a hundred years before the battle that made it famous, on March 6, 1836, when Davy Crockett and the rest of the American troops stationed at the Alamo were killed by Spanish forces under the command of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. “Remember the Alamo” became the rallying cry during the fateful Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1868, in which Sam Houston and Texas Army defeated Santa Anna and his troops.

    William T Gholson remains a great ambassador of his city. He says that the best way to experience the Alamo and historic downtown San Antonio is to take the San Antonio Trolley. Visitors to the Alamo can catch it at the shrine and ride it through the middle of old San Antonio to Market Square and the River Walk, two of the city’s most famous and popular attractions after the Alamo.

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