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William T Gholson: That New Car Parts Smell

William T Gholson has been in the auto parts business for more than fifteen years, and says that he loves everything about automobiles. “Forget about that new car smell,” he says. “I like it – but I like the new car parts, too. And the smell of an old car isn’t so bad, either.”

He says that he has learned a thing or two about cars during his years in the business, and the even more years that he has spent around cars and car mechanics. “And if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that a new car is built to last about five minutes longer than the warranty is valid for. I’m not kidding.”

Be that as it may, cars wearing out keeps him in business, and William T Gholson is happy for that. He specializes in vehicle drivetrains, that series of parts and mechanisms that transfers power from the engine to the wheels. “The exact definition of a drivetrain is going to vary a little, mechanic to mechanic or engineer to engineer,” says William T Gholson. “But that’s the essence of it: the parts that transfer energy to the wheels.”

The basic components of the drivetrain, he goes on, include the vehicle’s clutch or torque converter, its transmission, the driveshaft, the universal, the differential, and the center differential. “Or if you’re talking about a four wheel or all wheel drive car, then the center differential or transfer case.”

William T Gholson says that when it comes to warranties, the terms “drivetrain” and “powertrain” are not interchangeable. A powertrain, he says, means the entire drivetrain including the engine. “A warranty will often says you’ve got a fifty thousand mile powertrain warranty and a hundred thousand mile drivetrain warranty. So if the engine blows up after fifty thousand miles, you’ll be stuck with the bill.”

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