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William T. Gholson - How to Change the Spark Plugs in your Car

William T. Gholson grew up around cars and learned how to work on car engines from his father who was a talented mechanic. Not everyone who drives a car knows how to change the spark plugs. While this might not be something you have done in the past, it is definitely something you might want to lear…

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William T. Gholson - Mistakes In Car Dealerships

As someone who spent the vast majority of the last three decades working in the automobile industry, William T. Gholson understands the car sale process very well. There are common mistakes being made by potential customers every day, mistakes that could be avoided.

Arriving Without a Plan


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William T. Gholson on How to Keep Your Car in Good Condition

As a car enthusiast who sells auto parts to his customers, William T. Gholson has a genuine appreciation for cars. He loves to drive them, and he certainly loves to fix them. He keeps his own car in a very good condition. There are certain tricks that can significantly increase the longevity of an a…

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William T. Gholson - Guide To Watching Motorsports

Many people don’t think that motor racing is a sport, but William T. Gholson does not share these views. Growing up with an appreciation for cars, he quickly learned to love motorsports, and now they are one of his favorite pastimes. He frequents many races, and he often watches them on the televisi…

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William T. Gholson on Being a Great Guide

William T. Gholson spent years working as a guide at the Alamo, San Antonio’s most famous landmark. A guide’s job is to lead tourists through the landmark safely while offering them interesting information, interpreting certain things, and of course answering questions as well. In short, it is a job…

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